Everyone suffers from irritability and moodiness from time to time, but if you find that a short temper and frustration are becoming a constant issue for you, then acupuncture may be able to help.

Often irritability and moodiness are the consequence of chronic stress in your life. Over time these emotions can progress into more serious emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression as well as other health conditions such as digestive problems, trouble sleeping and the tendency to get sick more frequently.

Liver Qi Stagnation and Emotions

Emotional disorders can be associated with a number of different patterns of disharmony within Oriental medicine however, anger, irritability, and frustration are all signs that our qi (life force) is not flowing smoothly. The liver is responsible for the smooth flowing of qi (life force) throughout the body and for smoothing our emotions. When the liver’s function of moving qi is disrupted, qi can become stuck. This is referred to as liver qi stagnation.

Liver qi stagnation is one of the most common patterns of disharmony seen in today’s patients. In addition to irritability and moodiness, signs and symptoms may include: distending pain in the area below the ribs, stuffiness of the chest, sighing, abdominal distention, nausea, sour regurgitation, belching, diarrhea or constipation, feeling of a lump in the throat, irregular periods, painful periods and distention of the breasts prior to periods. Liver qi stagnation is commonly associated with PMS.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine is excellent at relieving liver qi stagnation. Treatment for irritability and moodiness associated with liver qi stagnation focuses on moving qi and supporting the liver and spleen organ systems with acupuncture, lifestyle and dietary recommendations.


Written by: Acufinder Staff Writer



Scientists have been learning more about environmental hazards and chemicals that can affect fertility, and now they’ve added another potential threat to the list: polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), used as a flame retardant. (more…)

Eastern Nutrition Program

This is a program that involves the energetics of food to create balance in the body. Learn the Taoist system of the 5 elements and the 5 tastes of food to balance your overall diet. Circumstances that influence dietary choices and habits such as convenience and emotions around eating will be discussed. Food choices, places to shop, and recipes are recommended as well. (more…)

Please register early for these special events early as space is limited. (ilumina Healing Sanctuary: 602-957-2602) Unless listed, all special events are complimentary but donations are accepted and will take place at ilumina Healing Sanctuary. All donations received will be used to fund microloans for women starting businesses in developing countries through Kiva www.kiva.org.

Monday, June 8th 6:00pm-7:00pm
Introduction to Polarity Therapy with Marion Light

All living things are intricate arrangements of energy. Your physical body, thoughts, and feelings are all patterns of energy. When your energy fields are aligned in smooth-patterned states, their natural expression is health and happiness. However, when the patterns of your energy fields become chaotic or distorted by stressful life experiences, it can have a negative impact on your well-being. Polarity therapy works to restore the intregity and flow of your energy patterns using touch, toning, breathing and communication techniques. A comprehensive system of Eastern and Western modalities, polarity therapyworks to bring your energy field back into thier natural state of alignment.

Come for an evening with Marion Light and learn about the value of having a balanced energy system and how to connect to your own energy and imbalances. You will learn how to listen to your own body’s messages and where you might be blocked in your life, on the physical, mental/emotional, financial or spiritual levels.

About Marion Light


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Marion Light has lived in the United States for 20 years. She has three adult children, a son, Roscoe and twin daughters, Kelsey and Megan.

As a young adult, Marion was a top athlete, selected to play for the national field hockey team. She earned her bachelors degree, with English and Physical Education as a double Major, and received her teaching credentials in South Africa, where she worked as an educator for five years. After moving to the United States, Marion taught physically and mentally challenged children for five years in Los Angeles while earning a Masters Degree in Education at Cal State.

It was after moving to Phoenix that Marion’s own health issues compelled her to explore holistic healthcare and alternative therapies. She was drawn to pursue a life in the healing arts, and from that time on, she has felt her life has been divinely guided. She began to follow her intuition and studied energy medicine, including Master level training in polarity, cranial sacral and massage. She also began teaching classes in cranial sacral unwinding, polarity therapy and communications.

Marion feels her practice is the fulfilling of her life’s purpose. For over 10 years, she has successfully helped men, women and children find deep relief from depression and anxiety, physical pain, illness, infertility, grief, childhood and sexual abuse, attention deficit disorder and many other issues. She is honored to guide individuals on a journey of self discovery, helping them achieve a greater state of well-being.

ilumina Healing Sanctuary, located in Scottsdale, is a unique clinic that combines acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, emotional wellness, general and fertility massage, and whole food nutrition. We are the only clinic in Arizona with board certified practitioners of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Our highly trained and experiences specialists provide therapies that support the body, mind and spirit through all phases of a women’s life.

ilumina Healing Sanctuary
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ilumina Fertility Healing Circle: A Place for Women to Come Together

ilumina Healing Sanctuary is honored to offer a women’s healing circle for current patients. Our intention is to create a safe and nurturing environment for women to receive comfort and support in their journeys. Something magical happens when our stories are witnessed in a neutral, loving and supportive environment. This enables us to listen and hear our own wisdom and to share that wisdom with others on the path of good health and emotional healing.

The Circle will include guided visualizations and will remain small to ensure personal attention. Meetings will take place from 6:30-8:00 twice a month starting September 15, 2008 for three months. The Fertility Healing Circle will be held at ilumina and guided by Marion Light and Dana Price. For more information on Marion’s work please see her website at www.marionlight.com. For more information on Dana Price and ilumina Healing Sanctuary see our website at www.iluminahealing.com.

For more information or to sign up for the Fertility Healing Circle please call ilumina Healing Sanctuary at (602)957-2602.

ilumina Healing Sanctuary practitioners Sherri Taylor L.Ac., FABORM and Jan Katzen-Luchenta AMI will be offering a fun, informative and interactive presentation on optimal nutrition for fertility.

Hi, I’m Dana Price, Founder of ilumina, and I want to welcome you to the blog for ilumina Healing Sanctuary. My intention is that this blog be a pathway for information, news and updates, as well as a way for you to get to know us better. We hope that you find it enjoyable and informative.

ilumina is the culmination of a long standing dream. It is the evolution of a practice I started in the summer of 2001. After graduating from Chinese medical school in New Mexico in 1999, I opened a practice in Tucson. While there, I informally interned at the Tucson Medical Center in the labor and delivery department, where I learned as much as I could about pregnancy and birth. During that time, I also developed a relationship with the birth center and taught pregnancy related classes. I provided acupuncture during labor and delivery and treated many women during their pregnancies. This was an invaluable experience and a maturation of my lifelong desire to provide complementary healthcare to women during their reproductive cycle.

In 2000, I moved back to Phoenix, where I was born and raised, to be closer to my family. I accepted a one year position at an established clinic in Scottsdale. When that ended, I again ventured out on my own and created the Southwest Center for Oriental Medicine which became the leading Chinese Medicine center in women’s health. I worked hard to educate the community and its physicians about the safety and benefits of Chinese Medicine. It was during this time that I met Dr. Michael Foley, MD at Phoenix Perinatal Associates. He opened a lot of doors for me in the medical community. Together we petitioned for acupuncture privileges at Good Samaritan and Scottsdale Healthcare Shea. We wanted to gather research on the benefits of acupuncture during high risk pregnancies. And while not granted the privileges we sought, I was able to offer an elective month long study for Ob/Gyn residents at Good Samaritan Medical Center. I also began speaking at medical conferences and publishing in a high risk pregnancy medical textbook. I met with any willing allopathic healthcare practitioner. I was totally committed to spreading the word about Chinese Medicine, and I still am.

Now, I am approaching my tenth year of practice. It’s hard to believe so much time has gone by. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such gifted healers and physicians and to have supported so many amazing women and couples in their journey to parenthood. I can’t say how fulfilling it is to witness the hope and joy this work can bring to those with reproductive issues, as well as other health issues. I can say now, that my practice has come full circle to my vision. In the details of its design and methods and the complete commitment to patient care, I feel ilumina is the best it can be. I look forward to the future.