Polarity Therapy/ Emotional Wellness

Each of us possesses an intellectual mind, a physical body and an unlimited spirit. But we’re more than that. We also have an emotional body and an energy system. Our energy systems are powerfully affected by our thoughts, feelings, actions and environment. When we tune into them, they can guide us toward a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

According to Eastern medicine, good health is maintained by the flow of energy and ill health is the result of energy stagnation. Good health includes a strong body, a quiet mind, balanced emotions and a joyous spirit. One of the keys to understanding our energy systems is to learn about the chakras. (more…)


A Mind Like Sky

Meditation comes alive through a growing capacity to release our habitual entanglement in the stories and plans, conflicts and worries that make up the small sense of self, and to rest in awareness. In meditation we do this simply by acknowledging the moment-to-moment changing conditions—the pleasure and pain, the praise and blame, the litany of ideas and expectations that arise. Without identifying with them, we can rest in the awareness itself, beyond conditions, and experience what my teacher Ajahn Chah called jai pongsai, our natural lightness of heart. Developing this capacity to rest in awareness nourishes samadhi (concentration), which stabilizes and clarifies the mind, and prajna (wisdom), that sees things as they are.

We can employ this awareness or wise attention from the very start. When we first sit down to meditate, the best strategy is to simply notice whatever state of our body and mind is present. To establish the foundation of mindfulness, the Buddha instructs his followers “to observe whether the body and mind are distracted or steady, angry or peaceful, excited or worried, contracted or released, bound or free.” Observing what is so, we can take a few deep breaths and relax, making space for whatever situation we find. (more…)

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Introduction to Polarity Therapy with Marion Light

All living things are intricate arrangements of energy. Your physical body, thoughts, and feelings are all patterns of energy. When your energy fields are aligned in smooth-patterned states, their natural expression is health and happiness. However, when the patterns of your energy fields become chaotic or distorted by stressful life experiences, it can have a negative impact on your well-being. Polarity therapy works to restore the intregity and flow of your energy patterns using touch, toning, breathing and communication techniques. A comprehensive system of Eastern and Western modalities, polarity therapyworks to bring your energy field back into thier natural state of alignment.

Come for an evening with Marion Light and learn about the value of having a balanced energy system and how to connect to your own energy and imbalances. You will learn how to listen to your own body’s messages and where you might be blocked in your life, on the physical, mental/emotional, financial or spiritual levels.

About Marion Light


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Marion Light has lived in the United States for 20 years. She has three adult children, a son, Roscoe and twin daughters, Kelsey and Megan.

As a young adult, Marion was a top athlete, selected to play for the national field hockey team. She earned her bachelors degree, with English and Physical Education as a double Major, and received her teaching credentials in South Africa, where she worked as an educator for five years. After moving to the United States, Marion taught physically and mentally challenged children for five years in Los Angeles while earning a Masters Degree in Education at Cal State.

It was after moving to Phoenix that Marion’s own health issues compelled her to explore holistic healthcare and alternative therapies. She was drawn to pursue a life in the healing arts, and from that time on, she has felt her life has been divinely guided. She began to follow her intuition and studied energy medicine, including Master level training in polarity, cranial sacral and massage. She also began teaching classes in cranial sacral unwinding, polarity therapy and communications.

Marion feels her practice is the fulfilling of her life’s purpose. For over 10 years, she has successfully helped men, women and children find deep relief from depression and anxiety, physical pain, illness, infertility, grief, childhood and sexual abuse, attention deficit disorder and many other issues. She is honored to guide individuals on a journey of self discovery, helping them achieve a greater state of well-being.

ilumina Healing Sanctuary, located in Scottsdale, is a unique clinic that combines acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, emotional wellness, general and fertility massage, and whole food nutrition. We are the only clinic in Arizona with board certified practitioners of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Our highly trained and experiences specialists provide therapies that support the body, mind and spirit through all phases of a women’s life.

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What an interesting time we are living in! That is a wonderful thing, but it can also be daunting. So many of us are experiencing some form of upheaval in our lives. There seems to be a dramatic shift in consciousness taking place and the old ways of hierarchical dominance and imbalance of power are being challenged. I have noticed this in my work as well as in my personal life. We have seen it in the financial markets and on the political front. It is affecting all of us, globally, in a deep way, because we are all interconnected, and it is time for us to realize this and live from that conscious awareness.
It is my belief that we all come here with a very special purpose, and our work is to discover what that purpose is and how it contributes to the healing of our world. People tend to rely on their intellect to think about what they need to do to solve situations. I believe it is time to get clear inside, to listen to a deeper wisdom and then let go and trust.
Of course, when we do that, there is no telling what will come into our lives. It will take courage to trust and move forward with confidence and joy.

Many of you have read “The Secret” and are wondering why you are not manifesting what you desire. I think to take full advantage of the powerful Law of Attraction, we need to do a little housekeeping first. We need to turn inward and listen to that deeper knowing so that we can really connect to what is calling us and act from that inspired place. We can  only manifest what we really want, if we know what we really want. And for that, we need to nurture a clear body, mind and spirit, so that our conscious and unconscious selves can align. It is only then that your true power will emerge and you will draw into your life not only what you desire, but more importantly, the revelation of your calling and purpose. This becomes the moment when nothing can stop you, where good fortune seems to find you, and events flow your way effortlessly.

This is an interesting time. An exciting time. And it is definitely the time for us to focus on alignment and balance: between body, mind and spirit; between masculine and feminine, yin and yang; between thinking and feeling. From this will come the unfolding of your true purpose and a life that thrills and fulfills you. Your power is always in the present moment. Bring yourself into present, listen for your wisdom, allow the inspiration to build within, and watch the magic begin to happen.

Marion Light

At ilumina, we see women of all ages and all walks of life struggling with fertility. Every woman’s challenge is unique, but over many years of practice, I have come to see the pivotal role emotions often play in fertility issues. While medical, acupuncture and herbal treatments may assist fertility, it is vital to explore the emotional aspect. Unresolved emotions in the body, whether from stressful past events, or relating to pregnancy and parenthood, can depress fertility. Having a baby is the ultimate creative act, and as with anything we create, it requires our attention be in present time. Blocked and stagnant emotions create imbalances in the body and limit energy available for a healthy conception. I have seen time and time again, the releasing of conscious or unconscious grief, sadness and fear increase my patients ability to conceive.

One woman came to me after four failed IVF cycles. She was suffering from extreme anxiety, always wanting to have a child of her own. While working with her, I felt the trauma of her experiences. Her body held each disappointment and the fear of another failure. She also felt as though she was being punished. The anxiety and fear took her out of present time, into past trauma and a future filled with the fear of not getting what she desperately wanted. In allowing her to explore and release the blocked energy inside her, she became free and light. She entered her next IVF cycle a different woman: relaxed, positive and balanced. She is now well into her pregnancy. Others are enjoying their first and second children.

Emotional healing is not an exact science. It takes us into our inner world and requires deep soul searching. The impact of this work is often life changing. For women going through fertility challenges, I use a combination of energetic therapies, bodywork and compassionate communication to uncover issues deep within their beings. I help them discover their truths about becoming a mother and support them in allowing their deep desire and joy to emerge, while letting go of the fear and anxiety over the outcome. This creates a peace inside and a body-mind environment most conducive for conception, with this emotional balance extending into every area of their lives.

Marion Light