When I am at my office, I like to start my day by “randomly” picking a card from The Energy of Prayer gift box by thich nhat hanh. This is a beautiful little box containing  poems, chants, meditations and sayings by the renowned Vietnamese zen monk, poet, scholar, and human rights activist.  Once selected, I read with awareness and let the words melt into my soul. This is the one for today.

awakened mind

The Awakened Mind is like
the full moon that soars across the
immense sky. When the river of mind
is truly calm, the moon is reflected
perfectly upon the surface
of the deep waters.

May the path grow brighter.
May the wind and rain be favorable.
May every country be at peace.
May people be free and equal.
May the refreshing breeze of
compassion enter into this
world of heat, allowing
the sun of wisdom
to shine clearly.

Peace & Love,